My name is Jess, I'm 17 years young & a student & enthusiast of all things fashion+  photography & filmography related.

On the 26th of July 2013, after over indulging (spending 6 hours reading other fashion blogs) I decided to join the community. So 'Wild Vagabondss' was born.

Now let's chat about thing's I like, dislike and what this blog is going to contain.

Let's begin with things I like; I like wittiness, acoustic+indie+rock music, food (alot!),travelling, unique people, herbal teas, crumpets, fashion, tavi gevison, clothes, french, history class, photography, tall trees, lomography, polaroid pictures, film, vintage cameras, charity shops, birdy, carnivals, pretty things, ferris wheels, updos, the smell of old books with yellow pages, lipstick, hazel eyes, hippie braids, handwriting, poetry, lace, grand pianos, dandelions, satin, pleats, nautical stripes, snowflakes, making lists, spending time alone, reading, starbucks,curiosity, wandering around Museums+ Art Galleries and the name Gabrielle (most likely because of Coco Chanel).

On to the negative side, things I dislike; I dislike sickness, clumpy eyelashes, popping knuckles, vomit, over powering fragrances, choppy bangs, the feeling of hairspray, cliche photos, cheesy quotes and arrogant people.

Wild Vagabondss is going to be my humble abode, where there is a place for me to share my personal style, secondhand finds, my everyday life, my photography, inspirational things along with anything else that I find interesting.

To anyone reading this, I welcome you to my humble abode and hope you have a nice time here, I also hope this short post has given you an insight of me and my blog. 

Ciao, Jess // ~.+ >