Mais je n'ai pas peur, J'ai repris mon âme

A while back, circa late November (20th?), my friend- Tia- and I took a nice lil' walk down to the Christ Church Meadow, since we both felt like we needed to breathe some fresh air. Here are a few pictures we took along the way, because it was quite a nice scenic evening and photography is relaxing (in my opinion). In fact, I really want to get back into photography (more than just fashion photography, but more editorial style) because I used to come up with concepts and carry them out, which I really miss doing. Anyway, for now, here are the photos from our little breezy walk...

My friend- Tia, who is wearing: 
jumper, Topshop
jacket, Charity Shop
jeans, Topshop
top, Mom's 
coat, Market Place
bag, Kanken 'Yellow Ochre'
skirt, ASOS
booties, H&M
Swapped the coats for a bit of fun, ey? Aha, or not.
The colleges always look so beautiful and dreamlike, so much so that it could be fiction. I am , particularly, liking the yellow hues and tinge that comes from the light, which sneakily peaks out the arched windows. 
Autumn is, definitely, my favourite season despite it being the start of an academic year.  The colour of fallen leaves and the smell of wood burning on an open fire are my favourite things ever! Moreover, Autumn, somehow always feels more like a fresh start (even more so than Winter). I think, perhaps, it is because everyone feels renewed after a relaxing Summer. There is a sense of feeling prepared and ready to get back to work, which is fitting since the academic year restarts in Autumn. This had always marked a fresh start because of new classes, new stationary and new beginnings, in general. 

Anyway, enough about Autumn, I think it is pretty clear that I like Autumn from that long-winded paragraph. 
Here's a dazed looking photo of me (almost every photo of me looks like I'm in a haze, to be fair). Sorry about this post being quite boring, but I'm literally half asleep at the moment (it's 6:30am) and I am still adjusting my sleep pattern from the holidays. It is taking wayyy longer than I presumed. But, then again, I always seem to presume wrongly.

Ciao, Jess


Song: The Partisan- Leonard Cohen + Marly
Oh, Cohen, what a beuatiful human. May he rest in peace. 

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