'Cause you're going round in a circle, And everyone knows you're a trouble

January is nearing its end and I have no idea how time has flashed by so quickly this year. Time used to feel like a meandering beach, endless and slowly drifting by, but now it feels more like a chaotic subway. As the year have gone by (oh, how old and wise do I sound?), time seems to shorten by each day and the endless deadlines seem to creep up before you know it.
I have been super busy revising and working (cough, cough- working hard or hardly working?). In all honesty, I have been trying to work for my upcoming exams, so that is why I have been slightly absent. Amongst all of that 'revising', I have however miraculously spent all my money on countless cups of coffees, which I desperately need to stop doing (if I am going to save up for inter-railing). In fact, Gail's latté makes a cheeky appearance in this post- oops. Stay and read on for a lil' brief description I give of an exhibition that I recently went to see...

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Apart from my coffee shop visits I haven't really been up to much, although saying that, I did go to an eye-opening and informative exhibition today at the Modern Art Gallery. I would highly recommend it and will perhaps do a post about that sometime next week. But, for now, here is a link to their website and the exhibition (I promise you I was not sponsored to say so + it's free anyways!): https://www.modernartoxford.org.uk/event/lubaina-himid-invisible-strategies/.

A brief description of the exhibition: 

The exhibition is by a lovely artist called Lubaina Himid, who was born in Tanzania, but now lives in England. She is a contemporary African artist, who focuses on themes of cultural history and reclaiming identities. According to the Modern Art Gallery, she was one of the pioneers of the British Black Arts Movement. She often challenges stereotypical depictions of under-represented societies. In her exhibition at the Modern Art Gallery, called 'Invisible Strategies', she showcases some of her latest works as well as painting from the 1980s that she did. 

As part of her exhibition, she had a section called 'Negative Positives', which was my favourite. This was a collection of regular newspaper articles, which she over-painted in order to highlight the prejudice that many black people feel- even now, in this 'modern' age. In Himid's own words: 'The invented and borrowed patterns on each page are painted to highlight this strange and inappropriate use of people as signifiers and finally to vent my spleen. Everyday in Britain even the "liberal" press is simultaneously visualising and making invisible black peoples' lives'. 

Well, that was more than a 'brief summary' but I do tend to ramble and I feel like this exhibition deserved a little speel. Definitely try and go see it (if you can), because the articles as part of 'Negative Positives' were pretty eye-opening. The exhibition is on from the 21st January- 30th April 2017 at Modern Art Oxford. 

That is all for now, but stay updated for future posts and I'll try to gather up all the photos I took today and make a follow up post.

Here's to all you guys who also have upcoming exams or any other deadlines etc! I believe in you guys, aha!

           Ciao, Jess xx


  1. im in oxford soon so i think i'll check this out, thanks Jess!


  2. I'm totaly in love from your casual outfit! Pictures are gorgeous like always!