Spring Zaful Wishlist and Review

As it is nearing the spring/ summer seasons, I thought it would be fun to compile a small wishlist. So here are some of the items I have been eye-ing up on ZAFUL (when I ought to have been revising- oops!). The items on this website are super affordable and good quality here is just a small selection of the things I've been adoring for the coming-up season.

Don't stop imagining. The day that you do is the day that you die

Hey guys! Recently it was the last day of school ever for me, so I though I'd take some pictures to celebrate it and we went punting afterwards. Here are some photos I took, which I hope you guys will enjoy! See you after exams! xx

this town will never change people come and go, it's all the same

Recently I shot this outfit when Emma and I took a revision break, so I thought I'd share it on the blog. I've tagged where everything is down below and I am going to go back to revising Tudor England for my first History paper. I hope you guys enjoy this little post...

Spring Time Haul💗

Hey, as I recently got a few new things from Zaful, I thought I'd showcase how they look on and leave the links in this blog post in case any of you guys fancy buying any of the items. This time around I chose some warmer items, like this coat, the jumper and also the knitted cardigan because the English weather has been particularly temperamental and I thought it would be best to stock up on some warmer items for those rainy spring days...

Birds are leaving over autumn's ending

It's been a long while guys, but that's no surprise really is it? Oops. I thought I'd showcase a few pictures of a shoot that I did over two years ago now, as these are some of my favourite photos and also I'm quite busy revising for my A Level exams at the moment (so excuse the absence).  However, I thought these might act as a good filler for now and once I have the time to sort out my newer photos I will be sure to upload them...

I want to see things I've never seen, Quietly happy and live by the sea

As this academic school year is nearing the end, I am finding it increasingly difficult to find the motivation and enjoyment to study. However, I think it is definitely about time to pick up the speed, as exams are dawning quickly upon me and I am beginning to wonder when I'll ever feel prepared for them. However, last weekend my friend came down from Cambridge to visit me for my birthday party so here are a few photos she took of me on the third day. The rest will come soon! Her friends also came down for Sunday, which was especially nice because I got to pretend as though I was a tourist for a day and showed them the Varsity Club (where you can see the whole view of Oxford). We also went out for dinner at Mamma Mia, which was super nice as the wine cream pasta is always a great shout.

Anyway, that is all I have for now as I have to get back to studying! Yay (!)

P.S I have an exciting post coming up soon, as Moon Waves Clothing was kind enough to gift me a few pieces which I'd like to showcase!

Super Sonic, Ashmolean

As promised, here are some of the photos from Live Friday. Enjoy! 
           Ciao, Jess xx

🎼 Someone that Loves You- Honne

And I feel in some way I do love you, But babe, I'm not in love with you

As promised, I'm back with a post! Mocks are finally done, whoop! Although, it is almost certain that they didn't go a planned. Hm, got a load of work to do to improve in the following weeks. Anyway, for now here are some photos of yesterday that Emma and I took in the pouring rain. The things we do- ey ;) ...

Violet was tickling my fancy, gives out just the right amount of soul

'Cause you're going round in a circle, And everyone knows you're a trouble

January is nearing its end and I have no idea how time has flashed by so quickly this year. Time used to feel like a meandering beach, endless and slowly drifting by, but now it feels more like a chaotic subway. As the year have gone by (oh, how old and wise do I sound?), time seems to shorten by each day and the endless deadlines seem to creep up before you know it.
I have been super busy revising and working (cough, cough- working hard or hardly working?). In all honesty, I have been trying to work for my upcoming exams, so that is why I have been slightly absent. Amongst all of that 'revising', I have however miraculously spent all my money on countless cups of coffees, which I desperately need to stop doing (if I am going to save up for inter-railing). In fact, Gail's latté makes a cheeky appearance in this post- oops. Stay and read on for a lil' brief description I give of an exhibition that I recently went to see...

Mais je n'ai pas peur, J'ai repris mon âme

A while back, circa late November (20th?), my friend- Tia- and I took a nice lil' walk down to the Christ Church Meadow, since we both felt like we needed to breathe some fresh air. Here are a few pictures we took along the way, because it was quite a nice scenic evening and photography is relaxing (in my opinion). In fact, I really want to get back into photography (more than just fashion photography, but more editorial style) because I used to come up with concepts and carry them out, which I really miss doing. Anyway, for now, here are the photos from our little breezy walk...

Dear 2016, here's a few things I would like to remember...

To begin this year off, I thought I would do a little summary post to wish off 2016 (once + for all, since it's already the 11/01/17- oops!).
So, here are a few of the things I have learnt in 2016 that I thought I would just share. This was highly inspired by a variety of sources, including, Conan Gray and Britney Hazeldine. 

1. Nothing is as Black + White as it first seems, but most things are a fuzzy in-between of gray hues.

- The huge things are never as important as they seem, and the small things aren't worthless of your time.
- 'It's not all or nothing, it isn't this or that. Life is made of grays, in-betweens, unfinished, and unknowns.'
You have to accept this and move on~
(accept the fact that you cannot control everything, it's just not meant to be)

2. Worrying is a waste of time

- There isn't any point in worrying, unless you're looking for the biggest time-waster ;)
No, but in all honesty, worrying has not gotten me anywhere 
Sodo something + let the worries go!
Do not let the phrase 'Youth is wasted on the Young' be a reflection of your life.
Moreover, the 'what ifs' in life are, for the most part, meaningless matters to worry about anyway. 

Note to self: listen to Oogway (from Kung Fu Panda) 'Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift.'

3. Channel positive energy + Be kind to everyone, whenever you have the means to.
- Radiate what you want others to radiate, because a little kindness and help can go a long way in life. 
Just think about that old saying, 'Treat others the way you want to be treated.'
I know this has probably been over said time and time again, but it's kind of true. When you're having a horrible day, you would appreciate some comfort.

4. Learn in a more meaningful way
- There is an abundance of knowledge, waiting to be used, so go and use it!
Stop complaining about what you don't know and get on with learning these unknowns that you've been hammering yourself to do over and over again.
Brush off the dust from the Piano, and just play something. 
Hydrate your plants, they'd appreciate some care.
Pick up the dried paints and turn them into watercolour, then go and paint a scenic image. 

Because, after all, you will never know if you can do these things without, properly, giving it a good shot.

5. Travel wide and far + Immerse yourself in the culture and language

- In sixth months time, you will have finished your final year at school + you deserve a nice interrailing trip after all that stress. (Hopefully you'll have deserved it, but don't worry too much, just try your best.)
Have fun planning this three week trip + go have a wild time.

These are just a few of the things I'd like to remember from last year/ achieve next year. 

Ciao, Jess

P.S I know this post is kind of different, but I hope you enjoyed it!
Good luck with 2017, have a blast of a year!