You look like you've been for breakfast, At the Heartbreak Hotel and sat in the back booth, By the pamphlets and the literature

Well, the election was a table turner to say the least and I hope I'm not alone when saying that I am hugely disappointed by the turn out. As much as I want to speak out about this, I feel like the feelings are too raw and mixed so it may be a little bit rushed to get in to it. However we can look at the positives and remember the quote: 'it is better to light a candle than curse the darkness', as we aim to move past this situation...

'Emma'- Sassy Street Blogger + co-survivor of this stress of a year + my bff xox
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 Currently I am in the midst of drowning my sorrows (due to the election) by listening to Bon Iver's new album and drinking endless cups of tea. I mean what else are we supposed to do when the temperature is absolutely freezing and all you want to do is feel cosy, because the news is all too much gloom and doom.

On a much more positive note, I made some pretty fab chocolate chip cookies with Emma. Yeah, the simpler things in life do cheer me up a whole lot. Also the new-ish Bon Iver and James Vincent Morrow albums are pretty good. I am quite chuffed to have found them, because it means that I can make a new seasonal album. Haha, another simple thing. But, a particular song you should check out is 'Rising Water' by James Vincent Morrow. I am really appreciating the use of rhythm in it. 

I am stressfully awaiting for news from the Universities I have applied for and plus there are a couple exams next week, which I am yet again underprepared for. However by this point in life, you kind of learn that you can never be totally prepared for things. I mean, let us just look at the political events over this year. 

Another goal for this term is to try and get on top of reading some novels, because I have missed the enjoyment of getting stuck in to interesting plots. If there are any recommendations, please comment down below! I am a fan of Donna Tartt, Jose Saramago and that sort, but I am open to any genres etc. Who can say no to a good old classic or a chick-flick ey?

I am going to go and finish my cup of green tea and sort out my notes for tomorrow. So see talk to y'all later!

P.S I've realised I've taken a lot of photos in colleges recently, so I'm adding this post in to my 'College Series', which I started last year and can be found here.
           Ciao, Jess xx

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