Wake up, it's no use pretending

 So you know how I said that I was going to do a fancy new post or what not? Well, that turned out to fail since I caught a cold but on the positive side it is the last week before October Half Term which means finally some sleep! I didn't want to be a complete let down and go back on my word already, so I thought I'd throw in some past photos from the summer and the past month...

The first picture really conveys a lot about what we need to learn from today's society. This was really brought close to home recently when watching the news, with all the attacks in the Eastern countries. It really hit a struck, because if any of those attacks were happening in Western countries, arguably, there would be a lot more done to prevent all those deaths. I think it is completely incomprehensible as to why, in a modern age, there is still so little done to close the gap. I understand that politicians and charities are established and trying to help as much as possible. However I do not think that it is unfair to ask for a little more of today's world and pay a bit of respect to our history. 

Anyway, that was quite a tangent from what I hope can still be a light post. The exhibition was in Charlottenburg, Copenhagen and I highly recommend the art museum. It features a lot of political and modern art, which contains quite strong messages. For example, they had another exhibition on the issues with Brexit. This was quite interesting as it was loads of different comments on the Brexit vote from newspaper cut outs that were then stuck on a larger broadsheet. 

On a complete other note, I decided to go punting with Emma and her friends during the summer whilst we still had free time. The weather this summer was especially sunny, which I am quite grateful for. We also visited a few coffee shops around town, just to make the most of it before term started again and what will potentially be our last year in this town. Just as I wrote that, I realised how soon it is till the end of the year and how a new chapter in most people our age will start. It's exciting but also scary, as it is so intangible and new. However I am nonetheless looking forward to it. 

So long to last year and cheers to making this year a good one!
           Ciao, Jess xx

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