Irresistible Me: Ruby Hair Curler

Recently, I was lucky enough to be contacted by a lovely company called 'Irresistible Me'. They sell a variety of hair products, of which they gifted me a hair curler called 'Ruby'. In this post I'll be doing a little overview of my thoughts on this product...

This is what my hair looks like without any products or curling, I took this literally as I had just woken up.
Firstly, the obvious step is to brush your hair out so all the tangles and knots from your bedhead are gone. I did this pretty quickly since I didn't have many tangles, something I'm quite lucky with.
The hair curler from Irresistible Me is really easy to use, they have 4 different heat settings and also an automatic rotating barrel. This I found particularly useful, because it meant I didn't need to touch the wand that much so it'd be less likely for me to burn myself (this I'm prone to do!). Also the barrel heats up really quickly, so there isn't much of a wait before you can use it.
hair curler, Irresistible Me*
Overall, I really like the product and would highly recommend it. They don't currently sell this exact hair curler anymore but they have a really exciting new one called 'Sapphire', this one comes with 8 different exchangeable hair wands with different styles that you can create. Personally I prefer the larger wands to give that kind of beach tousled wave hairstyle, however they also have smaller wands which gives lovely tight curls.
Irresistible Me also sells a bunch of other hair products, from hair extensions to hair accessories- you name it and they probably have it! It's definitely worth having a look on their website.
The link to the curler 'Sapphire' is here.
That's all for now, but hopefully I'll do another post soon as I'm out for summer- finally!!!

                Ciao, Jess xx

Disclaimer: I wasn't sponsored to do this post, all opinions are my own. The products with an asterix * were gifted to me however everything else was bought by myself. 


  1. your hair looks so cute curled!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. Youre hair looks amazing, its so think and lush! i love a hair curler i must be honest, i'll have to check this one!


  3. Your hair looks so cute curled!