Bristol Bound

Today was such a lovely day, whoop! I managed to spare some time to look at the gorgeous city of Bristol and it's University...

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I finally (last Wednesday) finished my 'real' AS exams so only have internal ones to go now (of which I have not even begun to look at yet- dang). But anyway, on a brighter note- I've been visiting a couple universities and they are absolutely gorgeous! At first, I had a misconception that other universities would never be able to match up to the beauty of Oxford but I was gladly proved wrong.

On Thursday, the day right after the horrific (...not that bad) statistics exam we headed off to the lovely city of Bath where we visited the University campus (though unfortunately it was on the top of a pretty grand hill- not fun). The city itself was sort of similar in structure to Oxford, however a little bit more hilly which I guess is good for be fair it does make the city look way cooler and nicer because of the landscape view from so many different angles.
At Bath I visited a couple of the sites, although we didn't have much time with school so I only managed to go to two talks- Chemistry including experiments and the Biochemistry exhibition which was pretty interesting. Did you know the amount of water to produce 4 pairs of jeans is equivalent to the amount of water needed in making a car? 
I found the overall campus really nice and quite bright and it is a very science orientated university which has its ups and downs, but it seemed like a really nice vibe there.

Today, I went down with a few friends to the University of Bristol which was such a beautiful city which I pretty much instantly fell in love with. From the old building designs to the easy access to wifi (of course!) it was a 10/10, not to mention that the teaching is super great there and they have really prestigious courses taught by professors all over the world. I think the only downside must be the high entry requirements, but then I guess that was to be expected by any nice university really.

I particularly enjoyed the talk on Chemistry and the way their course is designed in terms of both seminars and tutorials (similar to Oxbridge), and also really liked the Economics talk which made the course seem possible to get in to without having previously studied Economics.

Overall I was really impressed by both universities, and can't wait to go on more fun trips aha. Not to mention, the pizza at Bristol was A* quality. Let's just hope now that my exams went/ go fine so I don't have to fail and live with my parents for the rest of my life (assuming they let me...).

Ciao, Jess xx


  1. Love these photos (and that pizza looks insane)! We went looking at unis too and, despite the ridiculously big hill, loved the town and uni, but didn't have time to see Bristol...looks beautiful though :)
    Feel free to check out our latest post x

  2. all is see is foooooood! haha joking. Sounds like you had a lovely time exploring the campus
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  3. lots of luck on your exams!! i know both bath and bristol look amazing! and since i live in a very hilly city i do have to say it's good for exercise, you save money by not needing to go to the gym!!(:

    xx from Brighton
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  4. That pizza looks amazing! I'm craving it so bad right now! It just looks amazing! xx
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