New/ Old Resolutions

So I'm a hundred percent late on this, but then again when am I not so there's no surprise there. Since it's a new year and all that fancy jazz, I thought perhaps I should write up a little (or not) list. Lists are one of my favourite things, they help me get things done for one and they can look super cute when written down...

Here are some of the ideas I have for the following year:

- Swim more in the sea
- Go visit the northern & southern (all over) England
- Perform on stage for a musical or something
- Reach 10K on Youtube or Insta, or both ;)
- Make close connections with people
- Read widely and dwell deep in to the intricacy of the plots
- Eat less crap, chocolate + stuff (stay away from Emma's kitchen cupboards!)
- Run/ Gym Bunny x4, x2 a week or so
- Get amazing AS results so I don't gave to cry for a week after results day (aka. work hard!!!)
- Develop blog in to some sort of cool platform with connections to companies, but also keep it homely!
- Make more music and memories, also listen to cool 'recommended' Spotify songs
- Discover cool places around Oxford, Brighton, Bath and London
- Enjoy life, but get your work done first mate!
- Find a fulfilling job of some sort perhaps
- Attempt to do more work experience, whether science based or anything of your interest
- Have live and wonderful experiences
- Make each day count!!!

Have a great weak y'all!

Ciao, Jess xx
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  1. It's better late than never! Love your little resolutions. I want to get at least 90% in my finals and be happy as much as I can :) x

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  2. Love these! I need to try some of these too I think :) x

    Heather x

  3. I can relate to almost all of them good luck making them happenxx

  4. I need to copy some of these myself. I really need less chocolate and maybe more fruit

    Lauren x |

  5. 2016 is definitely all about getting back in shape and travelling more for me :D
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  6. seems a pretty good resolutions list ! hope you will reach it <3

  7. Beautiful and inspiring list, wishing you all the best and a beautiful 2016! xxxxx