Recently I've tried to get back in to the swing of photographing again, although hectic to schedule in with everything else it is my favourite art medium...
I've decided to begin a little series called: 'People'. I hope that it'll be a continually expanding series of people I've taken photos of (mostly Emma to be fair!). 
As the name suggests, there are going to be different photographs of people in this series which will hopefully be of different shoots.
As I've known Emma for such a long duration, I've decided to incorporate photos from many different occasions that vary all the way back to our most earliest shots in late 2013.
Of course I've also included some candid shots and recent photos that I randomly took. I'm not exactly sure if they'll always be that relevant, but it might keep things a bit more interesting too.
Emma, as you all should already know, has a blog down at 'Sassy Street', which is way cooler and developed much more smoothly aha. Perhaps I've just grown a little too fond of it due to being behind the camera for most of shots. Nevertheless, my bias-ness should not put you off checking it out as Emma is an ultimate sass queen and babe!
This little platform has mostly consisted of fashion photography so far, however I believe that it can be used in a wider context. Therefore I've decided to attempt to branch out in to different areas, dipping in and out of various things: Music, Films, Culture, Lifestyle, Travel, Food etc...
Anyhow, I wish that you'll enjoy the photos here and let me know any thoughts! Talk soon and keep me updated of any cool new ideas you guys have(down below in the comments).
Ciao, Jess xx


  1. These photos are amazing! I also love taking pictures of other people, people I know & sometimes people in the street (that sounds a bit creepy haha) - I definitely prefer being behind the camera. :) x


  2. I love the mixture of different portraits! the candid ones are lovely

  3. Thanks for all of the photos and memories, love youu <33

  4. Such gorgeous photos !


  5. The photos are so adorable.


  6. Lovely photography! I have also been thinking about starting something with photography so hopefully I will be able to learn from some of your tips or something;)