Dazzled Nights

 Last night, though chilly and rather wet, was a pretty fun time. Emma and I headed off to a little trip downtown, since I had a few errands to run, as did she so it was all perfect timings wise. We were greeted by the buzz of the city, as we strolled around with an aim however we got slightly off task due to the lovely residue of sales from Black Friday...

This wonderful courtyard belongs to the prestigious 'New College', which is a great spot for reading or more like for a nap if you're tired 24/7 like me. I love just strolling and running around Oxford in the winter, where you get a small rush of excitement from the adrenaline rush. My favourite spots: Turl Street and their café shops, Colleges in general but Magdalen College is my favourite alongside New College; and of course port meadow (my second backyard).
jumper, Topshop
skirt, Topshop
scrunchie, bracelet + necklace, Lyla Loves
scarf, Zara
socks, COS
shoes, H+M
lipliner, 'subculture' - MAC
Though I felt slightly gross, cold and tiresome that day (I didn't get to bed till 2:30am whilst listening to Simon + Garfunkel- odd times) it was great fun shooting still as you can see from my lazy half smiles.
(What a plonker?^^, my favourite off guard look or something like that)
This stunning little piece is from the shop 'Lyla Loves' which I've previously collaborated with. You can read my article with them here: (to be posted).
Now to end this rant-y post, I've decided to post a little shot of studious me as I aimlessly wander from street to street.
Ciao, Jess xx
p.s there are really hot students @ new college, who are also super nice and opened doors for emma and i. 

pp.s omg it's nearly christmas!!!


  1. Och, amazing outfit!
    Perfect shoes,
    LOVELY! <3

  2. I vote this as the best outfit coordination I've seen so far ^__^

    Linxnee-Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle

  3. Very cute outfit love how you put it together with that gorgeous scarf.

  4. I love your whole outfit especially the jewelry :) Great post, gorgeous. Xx

    Lots of love,
    Kayla <3 Xx

  5. Love that backpack!

    Danika Maia

  6. I love your style hun! That camel scant also ties the whole look together and I want it.:D

    - www.veebzboo.com
    - www.youtube.com/veebzboo - FASHION HAUL

  7. Great outfit, i loved!



  8. I love the editing of the photos!! Cool.


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