Victoria Albert Museum, London

This autumn has been pretty hectic, but at the same time quite rewarding. It has been quite a struggle finding the right balance between school work and all the extra things in life. Since my mid term exams are now just looming around the corner I've finally knuckled down and gotten some work done, although the pile does seem to continuously grow nevertheless. However a couple weeks agro during the half term I decided to take a little break where I headed down to London with Emma...

One of the main focuses of the day was to visit the Victoria Albert Hall which is absolutely glorious in all its ways. A favourite, of course, being the fashion section that spans across many different eras from the Georgian times to 1960s, 70's and more.
I particularly adore the stunning pieces and designs created during the 60s and 70s which can now be reflected in the variety of trends on the High Street. The wonderful fabrications and set designs are so unique and really set it apart from the usual pieces that we assume to be fashionable nowadays. 
The colours and prints are my favourite parts, especially when incorporated with various fabrics like wool or lace, with some of the fashion pieces reminding me of the set designs in Downton Abbey.
The works of arts and sculptures within the different centuries were also stunning, from wooden architecture to hand-crafted pottery the range was endless. Even the Victoria Albert Museum itself had amazing architecture, which I highly appreciated. 
jumper, Mother's
coat, Primark
jeans, Topshop 'Mom' Jeans
boots, H+M
Of course, I also had to take a little cheeky shot of the Natural History Museum which I unfortunately ran out of time to see. Although now I have one more reason to go back to London, with the others being: visiting Saatchi Gallery + Tate Modern, Bluebird Café, Science Museum and of course shopping around Kingston and Camden. 

That's all for now and I hope you've all had a fulfilling Autumn Season too!

Ciao, Jess xx
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  1. Great pictures ! makes me want to go today again :)

  2. What a beautiful museum and exhibit! I really would like to visit someday! xxxxx

  3. Love your grey coat, it looks amazing!
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  4. These photos are amazing! This looks like such a lovely day!

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

  5. Those are such great shots! <3
    And, wow, I've never been to the Victoria Albert Hall but it seems to really be worth a visit! :O
    It's so interesting to see how fashion has evolved over the years and how old trends always seem to come back.


  6. Nothing better than a wander around the V&A - looks like you both had a fab day :) x

    Viva Epernay ❤

  7. You always have amazing pictures & I'm sure London was great. Thanks for sharing!

  8. the '70s fashion looks are sick!! also in love w all of the other pictures as well

  9. This place is so gorgeous. I do love victorian style ^__^

    Linxnee-Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle

  10. Such amazing pictures, really want to visit now!!

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  11. Wonderful pics! Thanks for your comment on my blog! Following back =)

  12. Nice place, lovely pictures!

  13. I'm not usually one for museums but it looks like there's actually some really interesting stuff here. Sounds like you had a great time in London.

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  15. Nice pictures! <3
    The museum looks fun :)

    Big Dreamer

  16. nice!
    kisses from dubai ♥

  17. Beautiful shots!

    xo, Rasa