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Autumn is officially here now and it's pretty wonderful weather currently in England ( although we are all doubtful of the longevity of this). Nevertheless it's quite nice to have the sun out when a tad chilly. It does mean, regretfully, however that I'm more prone to getting a cold which I can definitely feel coming on...
During this week, it has been absolutely hectic. School has finally set in to my brain, well sort of. There are still a few things I'm still trying to get used to, which is odd when the fact stands that I've been at the same school since I was 11. Sixth form does feel a whole lot more independent though, which I blame for the oddity of settling in that I'm feeling at the moment.
Homework is really building up, it's no more child's play when you could just google the answer and memorise it. Now it's all about actually understanding the concepts and really grasping the new content to do well in tests and all. This change is still new, so I'm finding it really hard but 'studyblrs' on Tumblr have seriously been getting me through, as my main source of motivation currently.
I'm thinking of getting in to a few things at school, as well as some extracurriculars that I want to get back in to again. For example, playing the piano; reading some novels; volunterring out at a hospital or a care home and also a physical activity of some kind which I would call a sport but I don't know how that likely that'll be. Although I guess I could get back in to contemporary dance or perhaps badminton because I'm so great... obviously. *sarcasm*.
 I'm also pretty interested in science-y projects like Silver Crest award or maybe a few competitions, that'd be fun I think.
Sometime this week I'll probably write a list for myself sometime soon so I can checklist of joining some of these things which hopefully I'll stick to.
These photos were actually taken pretty long ago, it was just over 2 month ago now I think. I know, I know I'm slacking a lot with taking new photos and editing some of the most recent ones. My excuse...I don't really have a legitimate one. I suppose the outfit was pretty cute though I thought so it's all cool, ya? 
In fact, these photos were taken just after truck festival and before going to Germany which just adds to the fun of summer but I'll try and be positive so I can have the same amount ( or similar amount) of fun during school time. So, my overall goal seemingly is to: do more of the things I enjoy + enjoy more of the things I do. Just stress less and stay positive.
It's a pretty exciting school year I think, I'll be turning 17 in February and I can finally, if I'm lucky, be able to gain some work experience at some laboratories or hospitals. It'll really help me with learning more about the reality of what I want to do in the future or give me a scope of how it's like anyway.
top, New Look
skirt, Primark
shoes, Ked's
necklace, Dress Link
rings, Primark
anklet, Truck festival

Anyway, that's a long rant that probably made more sense in my mind at midnight on a Sunday after a long shift at work and woah I still have homework for school tomorrow. I guess I should go to sleep now and wake up somewhat early to finish my homework!

Ciao, Jess xx


  1. I love your top!!

    Lauren x |

  2. I like such skirts, so old school designed!

  3. Your photos are always so beautiful. I also love your outfit The skirt is lovely.

  4. It feels like everyone and their mother has a denim button-up skirt, and then there's me: desperately looking for one that's cheap and fits well :p


  5. Best of luck with school, I hope you get to achieve your goals and try out a couple of new things this semester! You look beautiful dear! xxxxx

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  7. those stripes are killer! good luck w school <3

  8. I do agree that outfit is cute... Good luck on your studies. Do tak it easy and yes having a extra activity can help you deal with study stress. just dont over do it. And that checklist can really help you a lot. Just make sure to display it somewhere that you can see it more often to remind you of your to to list.

    (◕‿◕✿) | Instagram | Bloglovin

  9. Good luck with school! I like your outfit :)

  10. I have the same skirt :D Too bad the weather here in the UK just suddenly turned pretty crappy :p
    good luck with school!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  11. Lovely post! Alott of inspiration for a autum day! Thank you for pics!
    For our a romanian website

  12. I love your skirt! The joys of school are endless - I'm at university and there's so much reading to get through at the moment! (P.s I'm a studyblr on Tumblr!) Also, I really want to get back into playing the piano - it's so peaceful and liberating...

    Pop over to my blog!


  13. Aww I love that outfit. If only my school allowed shorts, I would love to wear something like this ^__^

    Linxnee-Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle

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