Oxford Fashion Week X Wild Vagabonds

 Recently, I was lucky enough to spark up a collaboration with Oxford Fashion Week- this current week in fact. It's a great local show, but has also taken off quite dramatically with their great shows to all over the globe ( London, Paris and New York). Therefore I'm feeling super chuffed to be able to work with them as one of their bloggers for their upcoming show at the beautiful Sheldonian Theatre. The main two shows are on Saturday ( Ready to wear show -6pm, Couture show- 9pm). There are still tickets available here, so be sure to grab one before they sell out ( starting at just £12.50)

As a pre-show teaser I have been assigned to show case the wonderful pieces of 'Hellavagirl' founded by a freelance designer: Helen Woollams- a couture designer ( Saturday 31st- 9pm, Sheldonian Theatre). 

Hellavagirl has over 15 year of experience, which features in many world renowned publications and shows, including Vogue. Helen Woollams is an independent designer for womenswear, and is know for 'launch[ing] a brand which I could curate completely under my own vision. Therefore I firmly support her work, as the fashion industry can be so easily influenced by others style- which of course can be great for inspiration, however I highly applaud Woollams for being able to stick with original ideas. This is what makes the fashion industry- the creativeness and drive of individual designers. 

In her latest collection 'Diary of a lost Girl' for SS16 she feature the androgynous vibe in monochromatic pieces. The masculine side of her designs really shines through as an ingenious idea, as it contrasts nicely with her older works.

Here's an insight to her work:
(Pictures: Oxford Fashion Week)
From Helen herself: I started work as a freelance designer, which I continue to this day. I decided to launch a brand which I could curate completely under my own vision. Each piece is individual, produced and hand finished in my UK based studio. I offer a bespoke made to measure dress service. Clients will be offered personal design and measuring consultations with fittings.

I am tremendously excited to see what is in stall for her show on Saturday and I hope this preview has done her justice, as her work is just wonderful and I can't wait to see more. 
To find out more about Helen Woollams be sure to check out her website here, and an interview with her here.

Please spread the word about OFW and I hope to see some of you there!
Tickets can be bought here, to many shows and also talks including one on 'Fashion and Feminism' run by a former contributor to American Vogue.

Ciao, Jess xx


  1. Oh my all these dresses!

  2. Congratulations! That's one of my biggest dreams!


  3. sounds like a great Event! have lots of fun and cant wait to see what you report back!

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  4. So creative and exceptionally beautiful! One of a kind dresses! xxxxx


  5. Enjoy the show! I would love to be able to do something like that

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  6. Amazing! Sounds like you're going to have such a fab time!

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  9. Omg her works are amazing to look at. It's like art spoken through fashion ^__^

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  10. Wow, that is an amazing opportunity, so happy for you!! Her works look great :)

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  11. Enjoy it! Sound like an amazing event!


  12. You are very lucky to get this opportunity - well done! It must have been so very exciting to be part of OFW - hope you will post more about it.
    Helen Woollams' dresses are simply amazing!

    Wish you a wonderful day :-)
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