Titisee Lake, Freiburg

The day after I visited Colmar and Breisach I was lucky enough to visit Titisee, which is in a nearby village or town to Freiburg. It was such a lovely place and the weather was lovely, here are some photos from the trip...

The town was super lovely, although pretty crowded because of the tourists however I was a tourist so can't really complain. The ice cream was the best thing on such a hot clammy day. 
My favourite flavours were hazelnut and black forest cake, however I also love mango and lemon too for a fresher taste!
For that day I decided to wear this somewhat baggy stripy dress from GAP, which is actually my mother's but I forgot my clothes at my friends house who I was staying at so had no choice but to wear my mother's clothing. Although to be fair, I do like this dress quite a lot. I paired it with this airy new cardigan which I bought from the ZARA sales. 
It's insane, I've spent over 130 euros here in Germany and France already as well as like 200 pounds in England just on clothes. I seriously have an addiction and need to stop I think. Oh dear. At least I like them all, but they are mostly summery so I don't know what I'm going to do in the Winter...
My favourite part of the day was our lunch nearby the lake, it was in a small café restaurant and we had curry wurst with chips, a margarita pizza and also chips with fried chicken thing which was a speciality to the place but I've forgotten what it was called.  
dress, Gap
cardigan, Zara
shoes, Primark
The scenery was absolutely stunning and great, also it didn't actually take to long to get there from the main city centre in Freiburg ( which is always a good thing!).
There was also the opportunity to go on a ship or paddle boat, however we ran out of time so couldn't. I think it'd have been so much fun to though, we did instead go on a hike instead around the lake and sight saw a lot whilst taking hundreds of photos as you do.
Hope you liked the photos and talk soon! :)

Ciao, Jess xx

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  1. Welcome to Germany, Jess! Your photos are gorgeous!

    - rocionaval.blogspot.com x

  2. what a beautiful place! :) The ice cream looks nice indeed!

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  3. Lovely place... the air looks so cool over there!


  4. Such pretty pictures! I love your dress :)

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  5. It does look great, bet you wanted to stay there all day long.

    Buckets & Spades

  6. What a wonderful day! Ice cream and eating by the lake sounds perfect! I loved your pics.


  7. The scenery literally looks like something out of a movie!


  8. This seems so fun!!
    So scenic

  9. Really gorgeous scenery and I love the outfit! New follower :)
    xo Annie
    New England Romance

  10. amazing photos and landscapes!


  11. I just reading and reading your posts dear!! All you posts embodies that fun and vibe to it ♥

    New style post on the blog sweetie!

  12. This place looks so much fun and nice views too
    I love your outfit too

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  13. Beautiful post as always dear :)


  14. Great shots- love your stripes, girlfriend!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  15. Love the shots and your outfit!


  16. I really want to travel there, so beautiful. And you are pretty <3
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