Day in Oxford | 22.07.15

A while ago now, a few friends from Kingston upon Thames came to visit me! It was quite spontaneous and really fun, we had a great time. I showed them around various sites in Oxford, including Christ Church meadows and St John's College- one of my favs...

We also went to Ashmolean and looked around the various floors, from Chinese pottery to Greek sculptures- there was such a huge range. Furthermore, the museum was the first British museum which makes it even cooler I guess.
We also visited the Art Café where we stopped off and had a quick brunch/lunch. They had vegan food which was actually pretty yum, we had a hummus and falafel sandwich with a salad as well as a coconut flapjack.
Later on I also had a sneaky smoothie- mango and orange of course.

Overall it was a really lovely day and I hope to see them soon in London! Here's a quick vlog of the day:

Ciao, Jess xx


  1. sounds like you guys had lots of fun! Everyone seems to like to pose for photos :p

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

    1. thanks, we did and yeah don't we all :) x

  2. These are such pretty photos - you all look great, especially love the outfit with the denim skirt!
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  3. Walking around Oxford is so much fun!

    Heba xx || The HebaBloglovinInstagram

  4. It's nice to be with your friends and having a good time ^__^

    Linxnee-Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle

  5. You look like you had a wonderful time!

    Raqda xx│RAYDANT

  6. Lovely photos <3 You all look so cute and beautiful!

  7. Lovely post! Oxford is such a pretty place! I love all your outfits :)

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  8. Ohhhhmyyy i miss my college life.
    This photos reminds me of my besties :)
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