Magdalen + Keble College

A week ago or so, my friends and I decided to take a stroll around town after having a picnic in the lovely University Park on South Park Road when we decided to pop in to a few colleges. It was the Open Day of Oxford Uni, therefore they were even more crowded then usual however we managed to capture a few shots before the tourists swamped the place up ( no offence!)...
We decided to shoot this outfit in Magdalen originally however we visited Keble College on the way and it was just to gorgeous to not capture the beauty. Therefore for this College Series I hit 2 stones with one bird, although that does mean sadly one less outfit.
In this look I'm featuring a few of my favourite jewellery pieces such as the quartz three piece necklace and the cute rings from Accessorize. I've been loving the simple look, but especially with golden tones ( my favourite being Rose Gold) as it makes the look seem much more put together and summery in my opinion.
The background to this is a wall with the matches for rowing as both Magdalen and Keble are quite known for their competitive rowing. 
For makeup I've been sticking to a dewy foundation to brighten up the skin as well as a simplistic winged eyeliner to complete the look. This I feel is perfect for the summer, as it is super fast and easy but still looks great (I hope!)
Today is actually 19/07/15, which is the day I just got back from Truck Festival and ah it was absolutely amazing so stay tuned for some photos and videos of that although sadly I did not get many outfit photos before my battery ran out.
Another exciting piece of news is that when I got home I received two lovely packaged from Jolly Chic and Lyla Loves, which are two of my favourite shops that I was lucky enough to be contacted by. They were superb enough to let me show you guys a few of my favourite items from them, so you guys can see how great they look and the quality too!
Furthermore a quick update, I'm going to Germany on the 26th July which will be very exciting as I'm visiting one of my bestest and oldest friend from when I lived there. Therefore I hope you guys are looking forward to these upcoming posts! 
However that is all for now, but there will be at least three great upcoming posts so stay tuned!
dress, H+M
necklace, Accessorize
rings, Accessorize
shoes, Primark
Ciao, Jess xx

                                            click here to see more of the College series!


  1. great look! I can see why those jewels are your fav, they are gorgeous! :)
    beautiful scenery too!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. Such gorgeous photos ! You look so pretty.

  3. u look cool, i love the bag

  4. i agree that rose gold is very summery(: and i hope you have loads of fun in germany! btw, i love how your outfit is so light and delicate like the flowers behind you

  5. Gorgeous look! I love the jewelry, looks great with your dress! & the location is lovely too! x

  6. Such a cute outfit! I love the necklaces! I've been on you blog so many times now lol I think you are so cute!

    Heba xx The Heba

  7. I love visiting college campuses too. Great jewellery collection in this post!

  8. nice post! Happy Friday:)

  9. Love the jewelleries and the photography :)


  10. You look so adorable! Beautiful pics!!!
    Kisses darling!!!

  11. The dress is great, I love the pictures... It's amazing, I followed you on gfc.. If you want to follow on another platform let me know

  12. Great post! I love your dress and all the colleges look beautiful. What a fun day!

  13. I really like this white and pure outfit! So relaxed and full of innocence! You look amazing!


  14. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! I've followed you on GFC #135)) Hope you'll do the same:))

  15. So lovely! I really like your dress :)


  16. Ah I was lucky enough to visit Oxford once in the dead of winter, this is totally throwing me back! Lovely photos! x

  17. Lovely photos! I totally love your look<3
    Mind following each other? Let me know :)


  18. I've been sticking to dewy foundations too, I absolutely love the finish. You look so lovely in your outfit. I followed you on GFC, hope you follow back as well (:


  19. Great photos and gorgeous outfit!
    I'm following you, thanks for the visit on my blog!
    See you!
    Ritissima Blog

  20. I'm jealous of that stunning location! Such beautiful pictures. The dress is lovely and love how you combine it with that bag!

    Bold Bliss