Off the shoulder: Look 2

As promised, this is the short series featuring two off the shoulder looks. In this shoot ( featuring Emma's Garden), I decided to put together a simple yet practical look...

New In: Lyla Loves Accessories

Recently, in fact just before Truck festival I shot this look with my friend Emma in front of the Radcliffe Camera. This look features some key items I received from the lovely Lyla of Lyla Loves, a unique personal boutique that has a HUGE selection of jewellery and accessories to choose from...

Magdalen + Keble College

A week ago or so, my friends and I decided to take a stroll around town after having a picnic in the lovely University Park on South Park Road when we decided to pop in to a few colleges. It was the Open Day of Oxford Uni, therefore they were even more crowded then usual however we managed to capture a few shots before the tourists swamped the place up ( no offence!)...

Summer- Autumn Wishlist

 Aloha mes amies,
I don't even know why I did that but a nice mix of French and Spanish I believe...anyway here's a quick summer to autumn wish list that I made using my supreme collage skills- not...

Behind the Closet: Summer Edition

top, Zara (sale)
cardigan, Zara (new)
skirt, Primark (new)

Recently I've decided to come up with this new idea of shooting a couple of outfits in the changing rooms of shops that I like. This sounds kind of weird and creepy, but actually it show cases what`s in store better without myself having to spend money I don't have. These are some photos I shot of my outfits with only few pieces from the store, however in the future I plan to do whole looks as if I were a mannequin showing what's in my favourite stores. I hope you like it!

Off the shoulder: Look 1

Today is the 11th July, but I'm writing this in advance because I'll be heading to Truck Festival when you read this which will be super fun- hopefully! I'm looking forward to the whole festival vibe but also the line up is pretty decent. Some of my favourites would have to be: Darwin Deez, The Charlatans, Lucy Rose and of course Clean Bandit and Temples. There are also a ton of other great bands, so it'll be great...

Lemon Trees + Pristine Dresses

This is the last post for the series from Botanic Gardens which features this white/ cream dress from H&M that I love. I got this dress last year and I've actually not worn it much because I don't think it suits me very much. However I decided to put it on for this shoot as the scenery of the gardens seemed to work well. I'm still not bought on this dress but many people seem to like it, so I might try and wear it more by incorporating other styles that I do like...

Stuck in a daze

Currently I've been obsessed with wearing dresses and skirts, I guess that's mostly down to it being summer but also because they are so comfortable and easy to put together...

Elephants in a Forest

This is the second outfit that we shot at the Botanical Gardens in Oxford, which is a lovely site for a picnic if you guys are in Oxford anytime. I loved how this outfit looked in the surroundings, I think the greenery matches the simplistic outfit that I wore. The trousers were especially fitting because it linked in nicely with the exotic and exquisite atmosphere the greenhouse had. These cacti I thought were absolutely gorgeous and added something to the outfit...

Velvet, Denim and Cotton

Currently I've been loving the throwback to 90s trend, I think my obsession grew exponentially a few month ago when I had a DVD marathon of pretty much all the 90s films. This included: the infamous Mean Girls, Clueless, Freaky Friday and many others. I think Films and TV shows are great ways to gain inspiration for outfits when you're stuck as they often have great throwback trends ( although some are pretty odd). One of my favourites would have to be this look: a plaid shirt, velvet cami and denim shorts. This look incorporates so many different layers and dimensions, as well as featuring various materials of clothing which I think is pretty cool...

Exposed Walls and Floral Skirts

Hi Guys!

Today I've got a boho-ish look, I say that because the atmosphere around adds a whole lot more to the boho vibe then my actual outfit ( except my top). Beside the point, a while back I shot with a couple of my friends at the infamous ( not really) Botanic Garden in Oxford. We did a few outfits, so this is part one out of three parts in this series. I hope you enjoy it and I'll make sure to add a link for all the outfits in my next look.

New In: Printed Shorts

Hey guys!
Recently I've been doing a ton of shopping so I've also decided to join the bandwagon and do weekly posts of new things I've bought that I've really liked. This lil idea was inspired by my friend Emma
This post is the first addition to the series so I hope you guys enjoy the post and how I've styled these shorts from BooHoo which were a bargain in the sales at £6 only!