Hi guys!

I was planning on starting blogging as soon as I finished my last exam but I got kind of caught up in life so I didn't have much time to till now. This is just a lil outfit that my friend Charlie shot for me and Emma ( a fellow blogger, who is x10 better then me and you can find her here). 

We shot these photos whist roaming around town in Oxford as you do, we also managed to shoot a video of the outfit that you may want to see perhaps.

I'm thinking of doing a post about my current obsessions/ wishlist as I've gathered quite a lot in this past month. It's weird that now I am on summer break I feel like I have way too much time so I've been desperately searching for a summer job perhaps like working in a Café- that'd be fun!

This week has been quite hectic, I shot two outfits so the next post will be up sometime soon. Hint hint it's another one showcasing the beautiful college buildings. Although I still have loads of photos of outfits I shot with Ellen, so I'll probably upload those sometime soon too.

~ Emma
jacket, Zara
dress, Zara
boots, Hunters
bag, H+M

~ Jess
jacket, H+M
jeans, Topshop
shirt, Vintage
boots, Jeffrey Campbell
bag, Evolution
rings, Topshop

So yeah, that's pretty much all I've gotten up to. I've also made a very long bucket list, some which I want to achieve this summer. The top one would probably be to get fit aha. 

See you guys soon! 

Ciao, Jess xx


  1. It's definitely a good thing to take some time and relax and catch up with friends after exams :)


  2. Looks so fun can do a photoshoot in the street...lol i envy..
    If in here...pretty much your camera be snatched by rude people...:(

    Adventure of P-Chaaan!!