Rainy Sundays

// Top: H+M

// Gilet: Jack Wills

// Rings: Various ( Topshop, Market etc...)

// Tracksuits: Jack Wills 

Hey Guys!

It's so odd how at the time of my supposedly most stressful period of revision is actually when I'm posting the most. My procrastination may have actually turned in to something a little more useful. These photos were shot on a lazy Sunday about 2 weeks ago. So yeah hopefully some of the photos look half decent- I was mostly just bored and had some time to kill so. 

Also I made a few playlists on Spotify if any of you guys are interested and would like to check it out it is: 


my favourite playlists are: 'indi af' and 'dreamy spring' 

I should probably get back to revising Geography and German for tomorrow- oh I also finished English now which kind of upsets me because I'm going to miss analysing things. Mmm... I might even change my options so I do English ahah. Anyway talk to you guys later!

Ciao, Jess xx


  1. Woah! I just found your blog and I love this post! These are some seriously cool self portraits. We have a lot of the same interests judging by your bio!


  2. nice pictures! your top is so cute :)


  3. Your jewellery is stunning, I have an obsession with layering rings!

    Meg ♡