a song we can't sing

Hey guys!

Since I'm back in the roll of things now, I've decided to throwback to a shoot I did ageees ago with Ellen nearby her house. The weather was so nice back in March and it was the first day where there was hint of summer and we both got way too excited that we even got out our sunnies.

Since my GCSEs are now done I feel so much more relieved and so free, although this week has been super hectic. It started off with a quite chilled day where I spent the majority of my morning finishing the series 'ONCE UPON A TIME' which is so frickin' good. Later that day Emma and I went out to shoot some photos at a college nearby ( well all of them are pretty close really), but I have a cool lil' project I've decided on doing which you'll find out on Saturday so that's quite exciting.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday were/ are going to be spent sadly once again back to school for a 3 day induction week. It's quite an odd feeling being back at school, as it doesn't seem quite right with all the new people although they are all super lovely and all. The lessons have been okay, although some of the classes I don't like too much and others the subject has been quite tricky. However overall I think I'm still sticking to my options, although sadly that means not even one free in a week because of Further Maths which is a pain. The only major downside of the induction week has been that I've been set SO much homework for the summer which is kind of annoying. I'm sure I'll cope though. Biology and Chemistry seem terrifying for what we've been taught so far though. Ah wish me luck! 
Also after induction on Thursday I've got PROM, which is super exciting and fun however my dress and shoes are not the greatest combo and not that fancy or pretty like loads of my friends. The night, I'm sure, will be great nevertheless.

dress, Zara
boots, Jeffrey Cambpell
ring, F21

Later then on Friday I'm expecting to film a video hint hint I did a ton of shopping, then after that Emma and I are probably going to shoot more photos because it's pretty fun not going to lie. Friday will be quite chilled out hopefully to give me a break from the week, probably play a lot of Just Dance on the Wii and watch a ton of TV. So yeah that's a wrap of my plans this week.

Talk later! :))

Ciao, Jess xx


  1. Hi dear! Sure! we can follow each other! Followed you on Instagram ;)

  2. gorgeous pictures! :)


  3. love these pictures <3


  4. Checked your blog and I'm liking the style, you'll have to do a post on you prom when it comes around, I never went to prom so have a little boogie for me haha

    Arora :-)