St. John's College

Hey guys! Today I've decided to start a series on the different colleges around Oxford, they're such lovely locations to shoot, and perhaps I'll be able to hit up all 38 of them around town...urm perhaps only 20 actually because I'm kinda lazy. However this is the beginning of a 'College Series' I will be beginning where you can find all of them here and there will be accompanying photos of the colleges which will be under the photography tab here. So I hope you guys like it!

This is the outfit I wore that day which includes one of my favourite tote bags that is from Evolution, I love the black and white print as it's super easy to style with any outfit. That day I also decided to chuck on a oversized cardigan as it gave the look a more relaxed feel.  

In this shoot it's showcasing the beautiful St John's College which is just off St Giles Street which is one of the busiest, however surprisingly the college is one of the more quieter subdued ones which I like. Overall the day was great and the photos were shot by my great friend Emma. 

a song we can't sing

Hey guys!

Since I'm back in the roll of things now, I've decided to throwback to a shoot I did ageees ago with Ellen nearby her house. The weather was so nice back in March and it was the first day where there was hint of summer and we both got way too excited that we even got out our sunnies.


Hi guys!

I was planning on starting blogging as soon as I finished my last exam but I got kind of caught up in life so I didn't have much time to till now. This is just a lil outfit that my friend Charlie shot for me and Emma ( a fellow blogger, who is x10 better then me and you can find her here). 

We shot these photos whist roaming around town in Oxford as you do, we also managed to shoot a video of the outfit that you may want to see perhaps.

Rainy Sundays