i've got feathers in my hair i get high on hydroponic weed

Here's a lil shoot Ellen and I did in her front garden a lil while ago, it just reminded me of the perfect sunny summer dayyys that England has deprived us recently from ( it's been raining practically 24/7 this month, which really isn't helping the fact I have exams so I'm gloomy enough as it it haha). So here's to praying for sun and memories to be made. :) warning: the ramble below is kind of intense- well not really, read on if ya want but i've warned 
ya ;).

jacket, Blitz Vintage Shop (Brick Lane, London)

top, H+M
dungarees, Miss Selfridge
platforms, Jeffrey Campbell 

Heyy, wooah it feels like I haven't been on here for ages and I've missed it so much but woah exam stress has been creeping up- hopefully I'm not the only one feeling it and that some of you guys can relate. I was just thinking about the whole blogging thing and I've realised how so many people put such pressure on a little thing. I always seem to make out the time to say that I'm way too busy or have no time for blogging when really I probably have plenty or at least a spare 10 minutes in a day -which is really all you need (bar this post which took like 2 hrs because it's late oops contradicting myself). The pressure over the years of blogging has become so intense, before when I first started I had the littlest care about what other people thought of each post which fair enough may not be the greatest but it was actually when I had the most fun. Plus like it's a fun little thing not like a chore so *** it really like if it's not fun then don't do it. There's no need to add pressure to the piles of stress of everyday. So yaa it's late like 23:52 so I'm really rambling, but hope you enjoy heavy photo posts as they're my favv.  This was probably the most disjointed ramble but that's the sort of thoughts that deep English revision has lead me to- thinking anymore about the symbol of Roger in Lord of the Flies may honestly kill me. Next time I'll try to make more sense;)

If any of you guys have any exams or any quick rambles I'd love to hear them and I thought I'd just make a quick announcement with an outfit snuck in that this blog will be fashion & lifestyle, not too serious and dedicated to teenage readers who can relate to the daily struggles which revolve mostly around school and pointless things most days aha.
Oo did I mention I started watching the series 'Once Upon A Time' and it's the best thing in the world (if you're a little kid like me), although it really couldn't come at a more inconvenient time aha. Best of luck with any of your exams this season- got English Lit, Physics and Geography next week so I'd better get back to some work! :)

+ if y'all have any song/novel or film suggestions leave them in the comment, need to stock up on my list for the summer where I'll be binge watching a ton :))

Ciao, Jessica x


  1. The photos are so tumblr, i love them!
    I would recommend listening to Banks and Years & Years, both have very different styles but are so good!

    xo Elena.

  2. I love all your photos, the editing is so on point. Love your outfit as well!

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    Fashion Blogger

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