23/05/15- half term/summer plans

Half Term has finally begun, although this just symbolises doom and lingers the scent of revision from all corners but at least it's a break from going in to the exam hall and building up excess fat. Am I the only one who feels as though the exams are making me fatter, it totally has made me forget about my exercise regime or eating healthy rather making me fit in front of a text 24.7 revising crap I'll never need in the future years to come. Ah well that rant could last forever, so I better stop.

Today, Emma and I went to town to take some blog photos and shoot a vid but before that we did a tad of shopping and picked up a few bits. These are just some sad photos of my sad life in the changing rooms, I'll post the other ones later. So this is just a preview of things I possibly bought, which I hope y'all enjoy.

The joyous thought of Summer is the only thing keeping me sane currently as I face the 11 or was it 13 exams left, which is actually insane and I'm kinda dying inside a bit. The fact that I have to recall two years of facts for 2-3 exams seems slightly absurd to me but that's that. 
In the Summer I have so many fun things coming up which I'll update y'all later with, but one being going to TRUCK Festival which will be a highlight of the year most likely. I've already started planning outfits and bought a crap ton of clothes for it. I think it's possibly to compensate for the depressing exams looming over me that has caused my bank account to basically go to a halt. The fact that I have spent over £60 in a week is slightly insane, but also a pretty fun reminder of SUMMER! SO PUMPED! What are some of your plans?

By the way a lil plug to 'Wilder Mind' by MUMFORD & SONS it is absolutely lovely and great so check it out! Also you can follow me on Spotify to check out what I'm listening to and my playlists if ya want here. :)


  1. how cool are those plazo pants
    Keep in touch

  2. love all the outfits u try on