Sports Luxe

sporting that look.

jacket, ZARA
jumper, Vintage
Leggings, Adidas
Shoes, Nike

jacket, H+M
top, Brandy Melville
jeans, Seppala
boots, ZARA

oh suprise suprise, i'm back and i am sorry for having left this blog for so long without updating y'all. i'm hoping in 2015 that i can improve my blogging skills and i'll try to find some time to revamp this whole blog. it's weird to think that i have had this blog for almost 2 yrs now, and it's starting to dawn on me that this could be such a great creative outlet to explore.
sorry for the non- capitalisation of letters, i kind of like the aesthetics of them. 

here's the rap* for my plan in 2015:
-to revamp the design of this blog
-post more fashion outfit posts
-do some diy posts preferably
-scrapbooking and general artsy stuff will be included on here
-some rants
-music, film reviews

*pretty much everything and anything i want to post really.

hope you guys are excited for this blog as much as i am, and see you all soon hopefully.

listening to currently// thump- oliver nelson's perfect havoc disco mixtape. ya

p.s the photos are just some quick snaps Emma ( and I took whilst filming. 

you can check out the vid here, it's quite snazzy if i do say so myself: 


  1. nice! love both of your outfits!

  2. i like the laid back and relaxed look
    Happy Weekend