Outfit of the Day 04/07/14

Shirt|New Look|
     | Shoes | China |
     | Shorts |China|
     | Tote Bag | University of Oxford|

Here's a quick outfit of the day from the other day when the sun was out for a while, before it started pouring down. Luckily enough there's been a lot of sunshine in England these past few weeks (cross my fingers that it'll stay with us!). These photos were taken by my lovely blogger friend Emma at sassystreet.com, I mentioned her in my last post too! We started a Youtube channel, it's going to be about fashion and makeup ( we only have one video up), if you want to check it out it's: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC02RZiYiTQwDB_TTTc8UpVQ, we'd love to get some feedback. So yeah, that's what is up currently. Oh and you might want to follow me on pinterest (my username is jessfloraa) because it's kind of my number one obsession at the moment.

ciao, jess xx

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  1. the clicks are lovelly and you look just amazing, loved you in second pic specially
    hope sunshine stays with you
    Keep in touch