Nettlebed Market and St Mary the Virgin Church

Coat | Forever 21 |
     |Shoes | Hunter boots |
     |Jeans |Abercrombie and Fitch|
     | Camera Bag |Goji|
     | Top | Zara|

Cardigan | Zara |
     | Shoes | Dr Martens |
     | Jamie Jeans |Topshop|
     | Camera Bag | Canon|
     | Bracelet | Jack WIlls|

Hey guys!
A couple weeks ago I and my friend Emma ( went to the countryside of Oxfordshire to a village called Ewelme and also Nettlebed. Our main goal for going that day was to visit the local market that I believe is on every Saturday from 9am till 12.30pm. This market has so much and it's all super cheap, it is like the equivalent of a jumbo/car boot sale or in America it would be basically be similar prices as thrift shops. I didn't take any photos of the market as it was super rainy at the beginning of the day but soon cleared up, which was nice. On a side note, I'm so glad that in England the weather is finally cheering up a bit- I'm super excited for the summer. Anyway, at the market I picked up a few things which I'll write another post about since I also bought a few items on the app 'Depop' which I am currently a bit obsessed about after buying a pair of Topshop Leigh Jeans in my size for just £8 including shipping- what a bargain! So you guys should watch the space as I'll post that next week hopefully, if some of my other items arrive in time ( if not I have a outfit post so it's all good haha!). 

After going to the Nettlebed Market we went to the St Mary the Virgin Church in the village of Ewelme as we were passing by and we heard from Emma's mum that it was the same church as Les Miserable was partially filmed in and so naturally I was super stocked and really wanted to go as I'm a very big fan of Les Mis songs and the film in general. I wish I had the perseverance and ability to read the book as I bet it's a stunningly written book but so far when I've picked up the book, I only end up reading about 6 chapters as I find it just so hard to follow and sometimes the description does get a tad. boring. Both villages were beautiful as seen above in the photos, and I've stated the items of clothing I'm wearing and where they are from but I didn't really get any clear outfit shots sadly. On the other hand I did get a picture of my lovely blogger friend Emma's outfit which I've also included so that's good. By the way you guys should check her out as she is a great blogger and has many blog posts up already about fashion, makeup and travel!

I'm going to have a shower and get ready for tomorrow now so talk to you guys soon! :)

-jess xx


  1. These photos are so pretty! I love churches like that. That's cool that part of Les Mis was filmed there- I've never seen the film but I've heard great things. Maybe sometime I'll get around to watching it.

    I would love to be able to shop that local market as I'm such a big fan of thrift stores here in the US. You never know what you're going to find! :)

  2. The market sounds interesting
    Looks like its raining all around the globe.
    The pics are great, I loved the church , it's ancient articture
    Looking forward to see what you got from the market
    Keep in touch