Youtube Videos

 Hey guys! I've decided to set up a youtube channel as I thought it would go along great with my blog (although I'm the worst blogger ever probably). So the link is: and I post mainly fashion and makeup videos alongside with my friend Emma, where we just express our style. My most recent video was a 'Get Ready With Me' here I show the basic products I use on an everyday basis. So I hope you guys will check out my blog and maybe hit the subscribe button!

Outfit of the Day 04/07/14

Nettlebed Market and St Mary the Virgin Church


Hey Everyone,

Sorry for not being on here for almost a year now, I feel so bad about it but I'm going to try and start uploading posts again soon so please stay with me. :) I'm going to be uploading mostly posts about fashion and makeup so if you like those kind of blogs then please follow me. Today is just going to be an update but in the next week I'll try and post, hopefully I'll be able to upload once or twice a week. Anyway got to go now, talk to you guys soon!