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Just like everybody must have predicted, once again Zara amazes us with it's splendid taste. This first showing of the Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection is just gorgeous, and it has definitely inspired me to get out some of my flowy dresses and style them for the autumn. As well as this I will probably be borrowing some of my dad's old flannels and wearing them around the waist with a pristine white collar top to recreate the chic geek look. 

This also ties in with the Youtube geek week theme and fashtag has an amazing video on how to wear the geek look in many different ways, and includes the styling of Zooey Deschanel, Alexa Chung and also Jenna Lyons. They personify Zooey Deschanel as the hipster geek with the glasses, her frindge, her folk singing accompanied with her guitar as well as the chic geek look. She just looks so prim and proper and suits the whole miss-matching socks look so much.
Jenna Lyons from JCrew was next on their list and was labelled as the Stealth Geek, because of her fierce geek attitude that she gives off through fashion. The way she pulls off pairing boy-ish tailored trousers with geek glasses but then spins it off with some killer heels is just endearing. Jenna Lyons is just great at purposefully miss matching her colour palette with her look, meaning that she however she styles, she never looks awkward. Her look is always streamlined, considered, refined and very crisp, nothing corky to her. She is genuinely just a bit tomboy looking, which makes her a bit of stealth geek.
Preppy and girly is what describes Alexa Chung, she is all about the full skirts, the cable/aran knits, dungarees and play suits. Paired with a girly patterned blouse underneath her dungarees- she suits it so much with her angelic face and carries it through with a pair of clip on earrings and a pair of nanny loafers. She has a bit of a nanny vibe, which I adore.

Here's the video:

Anyway, back to Zara's Autumn/Winter campaign, it is just like the geek look but it also carries through with other aspects like the loose fitted dresses, which are just melting me from within. I mean come on, those patterns on those dresses are just gorgeous- everything about Zara's campaign this year is perfect. I'm craving for everything this year. 

Jess xx

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