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Summer is flying by so fast, and that means festival season is sadly practically over. Anyway hopefully someone may find this blog post useful as there are still few festivals coming up, on the other hand maybe  bookmark this page for next year's festival season. Let's begin!

I'm going to start up with the essentials that are less fashionable, more practicable. To begin with I strongly suggest to anyone who is going to attend a festival is to either wear a pair of sturdy boots or wellington boots, since they are a basic foundation to festival essentials and they come in so handy when it starts to rain and you're surrounded by mud. Another pro for sturdy boots are that they don't usually hurt your feet because they have padding and support for your ankles so you can walk around the whole day and enjoy the actual festival music. 
For camping obviously bring a tent as well as a sleeping bag and a pillow, unless you want to be freezing at night. Pretty basic. Change of under wears,socks and bras are another obvious item to bring, don't bring a bra if you're a guy- duh!  Water bottles are like diamonds during a festival, and keeping hydrated is so important especially if the weather is scorching hot. Remember to fill them up- usually there's a water fountain or somewhere you can will them up in the morning before hand so that you have water during the whole day since the food vans there are so overpriced, even for just some water. I recommend a huge water bottle, somewhere between 1l-3l because refilling them during the day can be such a hassle. 

Now on to some other essentials that are also necessary. If make-up is on your list then bring minimal make-up and also bring brands that you wouldn't mind chucking away, as sick as it sounds some people apparently just get in to festivals to steal things so keep your valuables safe. The make-up you do bring though is probably going to get really dirty, so maybe bring make-up items that are almost about to run out and that you don't mind throwing away after the festival.
 Hairspray is an amazing styling tool during a festival, it's probably the only thing that can keep you from looking some what sane- if you're anything like me and have a lion's mane. Bring a LARGE bottle of hairspray, do not be deceived by the travel hairspray size as hairspray is a necessity. Although at the end the damage the hairspray did is somewhat irreversible, of course chopping few inches off could definitely help heal it. 
Deodorant and Perfumes, deodorant for the soul purpose to keep fresh and in tact from the heat, the very least you want is to feel like crap and smell like crap. Fortunately deodorant can easily solve this problem and if it's a spray one it's probably also going to compact the smell of not washing for a couple days ( if you are camping).  Perfumes and body sprays help with this as well and makes you feel fresher and overall better. 
Face wipes are basically known as 'the shower during festivals/camping' so at the end of the festival you are probably going to smell like and baby's bottom. Face wipes are overall amazing for both make-up removal as well as general washing your body here and there, and also getting rid of dirt. 
Moisturisers- this is something you do not want to forget since you are going to be using face wipes on your face and body everyday for a couple days so your body and face is going to severely dried out. What I'm saying is to bring a large bottle of moisturiser.
 A water proof jacket and a sun hat is something you might want to consider as in England the weather is unpredictable so it may be raining all day and then suddenly be scorching hot another. Be prepared. Personally I prefer parkas over just plain waterproof jackets as most of them are waterproof and they also look a lot nicer- topshop and new look have some really nice ones in the autumn/winter season. Parkas can be dressed up or down and they add to the military trend, well that's if you get a khaki green coloured one. For sun hats I like to stick to a fedora hat from ASOS because they protect your eyes from the sun , look really nice, they have a massive rim and also fit in with festival fashion.  
Dry Shampoo is something to be considered if your hair gets so greasy that it could fry an egg in the heat  after few days of no shower access*cough* *cough*, so dry shampoo is a must for me- simply spray some in the roots, massage it in and voila your hair has some life to it.
Bring sun cream as most festivals are in the summer, which means the weather is going to be pretty hot so you do not want to burn and look red in front of everyone. Also it prevents skin cancer when you are like 70.  
Hand sanitizer for the germ-a-phoebe, keeping hygiene up during a festival is hard since you never no what you are going to be touching, so you do not want to take chances and realise later that you caught a bug from eating some bacteria.
Floral Crowns and Headbands, join in with the new hipster vibe that festivals are getting and just embrace it. Floral crowns are all the rage since Lana Del Ray and Pixie Lott. Styled with wavy hair, which you can fake by sleeping in plaits/buns so bring kirby grips and hair ties, is the perfect fesitval hair do.
Fairly obvious item- sunglasses, since they are needed for extra eye protection from the harmful UVA rays and help you see your favourite artist better, plus they look really cute- especially tortoise shell ones and the ray ban gladiators.

Last but not least bring a camera- which preferably isn't a DSLR or anything too expensive- film camera's are great although processing film can be really expensive, the iPhone camera is pretty sufficient so if you have an iPhone you may not have to bring a camera, some cash- food, water-you never know what you may need cash for, credit card- more money :P, phone- if you are bringing an iPhone for the use of it's camera than definitely bring one, but if not then take something small and cheap so that if it get's lost then it won't be a huge deal and keep everything in a humongous water proof bag pack. 

Voila now you have everything you need- minus few bits and bobs! :)
-Jess xx


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