dawn before dusk + kind of a shoe review

Here are some outfit shots from yesterday, unfortunately summer's gone now in England leaving behind humidity and constant rain. Therefore resulting me in wearing a thick cardigan, and starting to layer- I can't wait for autumn hence the autumnal feel these pictures have. I'm super stocked, if you remember my second post I talked about a certain purchase I made which I was really please with, hint hint- they're on my feet. Yeah not so good on my savings behalf but I caved and had to splurge on these bad boys. They are the Jeffrey Campbell HOMG's and they are stunning, sadly I don't have a shoe shot of them yet but I'm sure they'll be featuring in coming blog posts. I got these Jeffrey Campbell's for a really good price on either karmaloop.com or nastygal.com- not entirely sure but it was a great deal, they were only around the £75- £80 which seems a lot for shoes, but for Jeffrey Campbell's they are pretty well priced. Though they did have shipping fee which bumped it up around a tenner or so but still I don't regret them, they are a really good sturdy pair of sneakers as they have such thick solid heel but they upper part is also really well made. I have worn them to death already and I've only owned them for about a month. They are super comfortable and easy to walk in although I would say that you may want to size up half a size, on the website they say they are suited to narrow feet. I don't particularly think I have narrow feet but I can still fit in to them so I can't say anything on that behalf although I do know that the upper part which supports your ankle is really narrow, which does make getting them on quite tricky. Overall though I love them to bits, one of my favourite youtuber amyvagabondd has 2 videos about them- a styling video and also a review so you can check that out down below.

The rest of the outfit is quite basic really I've just thrown on my mum's cardigan from French Connection which has a lovely sparse speckle on it, as well as being super comfortable to wear. The cardigan is in a soft colour with different shades of purples and blues running through it. I absolutely love wearing anything a little baggy and I also love how it hit's above knee length. I'm all about comfort. Underneath that I'm wearing a plain white tank which I bought from Topshop a couple of weeks ago, nothing special about it so I can't really elaborate except for the fact Topshop has some really comfortable basics, i.e all sorts tanks, jeans, baggy shirts. Paired with a pair of denim Levi's jeans which I hacked of the legs and made in to a pair of short, since I've had them for quite a while now but never wanted to wear them because somehow they fitted awkwardly on me as a pair of jeans so I just hacked of the legs and took a chance. I was really surprised at how they ended up looking and now they are probably one of my staples which I'm going to be living in.

Jess xx

P.S sorry about the awkward heat cut of shots, I had to crop out my face because I was severely unattractive to the point that someone may have turned to stone from just glimpsing me.


  1. Beautiful photos! The shoes are VERY cool, and the cardigan looks so comfy!

    Helen at "Hels Yeah" xx

  2. pretty photos, love those shoes! x

  3. You look comfy and so effortless!
    Nice shoes as well and gorgeous
    pictures of the flowers!

  4. Summer is already gone there..!!!!
    Well outfit is very subtle and comfy..
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  5. Wow! I love your blog :) You are so beautiful! :)

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  6. These shoes are SO cute! Love your chunky cardigan too!
    Xo, Hannah


  7. your shoes are so super cool, i want a pair just like it!!! great inspiration! love the first pic!

    thanks for sharing!

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  8. Great photos and awesome shoes!! :)

    Natalia xo


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  10. I just found your blog and the name of it instantly reminded me of Amy from Vagabond Youth!
    What a coincidence then. Anywho, I really do fancy the way you take your photos.
    P.S. Are you 14? I am too, it's great to have more young bloggers in the community.


  11. beautiful pics :)

    do you want to follow each other? let me know :)

  12. Amazing photos and place! Your platform shoes are amazing!

    SHE WALKS Blog

  13. Love the look, amazing photos

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