Autumn/Winter Fashion Essentials

I know this must kill the spirit of summer, since England practically just started to look like summer about a week ago but sadly the autumn season is coming up so I might as well prep you guys up for the colder months.

Firstly a pair of knee high socks are an essentials, because they are a great piece from transitioning from the warmer months to the colder months. They are especially great for the autumn and the beginning of winter, when the months are not warm enough to wear bare legs, though you still aren't ready to be wrapped in tights (around your legs obviously!). Therefore a thick pair of knee high socks are a necessity for the colder months, leaving you with just a tiny gap of skin showing through between either a nice delicate dress or a pair off denim shorts.

Hats are so lovely for the chilly months, they are stylish but yet keep you warm and cosy. I especially adore beanie hats, because of the shape and the way they sit on your head. They slouch so unconditionally which gives a formal look a more laid back vibe. Also a  great simple accessory to add if you were to dress down an outfit. Beanies also come in a vary of fits of course, a tight beanie can also look great if styled correctly- they make an outfit look much more tied together. Overall though I'm still quite biased towards slouchy beanies that lay perfectly on the back of my head, you can get one from Ebay or Primark for around a fiver. Cheap and Cheerful!

The next staple in  my wardrobe isn't actually a piece of clothing but a colour, anything dark coloured is really popular around the colder seasons and my favorite being burgundy/ plum/wine. The colour burgundy just reminds everyone of the colder months, possibly because of Christmas or maybe because of the falling leaves in autumn. I believe that wine coloured things pair really well with basic colours such as creams and nudes, as they contrast each other really well. Although to be honest the colour oxblood pairs nicely with just about every colour, it's so versatile abd some even call it the new black for the autumnal season. Pairing a pair of burgundy coloured leggings with an over sized cream jumper is a classic look that is so comfortable and definitely will keep you warm in the cold winter. If the colour burgundy is still a bit too loud for clothing, since it is still a shade of red than you can still always incorporate it by wearing a darker shade of lipstick-something like 107 from the Kate Moss Matte by Rimmel Collection or even start of with a pair of socks in the colour oxblood. The dark vampy colour will definitely grow on you though!

Cardigans&Jumpers are the saviors in my wardrobe during the cold dark months of winter in the England. They keep you so warm and go well with anything, this isn't even a judgement but a fact. There are so many variations of different sized cardigans and jumpers, and also in so many different materials. Both of them are great for layering in the winter and can still give the outfit a really polished look. Cardigans are great if you just wanted to cover the shoulders and arms under a bid furry coat, whereas jumpers are especially nice to style in the winter. You can wear a jumper nicely laid over a denim shirt or any shirt that has a collar to be fair, or even just cut a collar of from another shirt and wear it- it's so easy to do as you just need to hack the collar off. The jumper and collar look gives the whole outfit a very chic and polished sense, it effortlessly  adds a whole different dimension and is a great way to play on the school girl trend with the collar just peaking out. A great bonus being that you can hide the fact that you are actually trying to stay warm.

In England there gets a point where the temperature is just too cold to bear, and wearing tights under shorts is just too chilly- even two pairs or leggings- this is when trousers and jeans come in handy. They are just a basic essential all year round really, whether they are patterned or just simple jeans. Some great options would be hound-tooth print on jeans, it's quite quirky and unusual but looks quite cool; another would be plaid or checkered trousers they also give off a school girl look; disco pants and riding pants from american apparel are apparently great as they are made from a thick material and they still look amazing paired with anything; skinny jeans- enough said to be honest; and also boyfriend jeans or mom jeans- they are great as they look baggy so you can layer as many pairs of tights as you wish. Personally I need to layer about 2 pairs of tights as well as wearing jeans before I am comfortable in the winter.

Black Coats- they are just a classic for cold months and they give you an amazing silhouette. If you wore black trousers or jeans as well as black boots it really elongates the body and makes you look a little slender which is always nice if you need to hide a Christmas food baby. Black Coats are also great because they attack sunlight, so you may be able to heat up a little quicker and easier. With a larger coat you can also pack on the jumpers and layer as much as you want to keep warm but still look stylish.

Heeled Boots/ Chelsea Boots just add a little more to an outfit as well as a little bit more height which I severely need, being 5'2 and all. Chelsea boots are also great paired with skirts and dresses, because they are quite girly though they still look amazing paired with just jeans or trousers. You can always add a blazer and some plaid trousers to give an androgynous look to the whole outfit and therefore playing with the whole feminine masculine trend. If you hadn't noticed already I kind of like the whole man repeller trend. Flat boots are also great, paired with simple or dressy outfits. Just in general I think that boots are great for the winter, they keep your toes warm and if you actually live in warm climate places then you can't always get away with wearing boots in the summer so in the autumn and winter they are great to get out.

Vampy Dark Lipsticks & Dark Nail Varnishes- just a personal beauty favourite, they just add to the whole winter outfit and plays along nicely with the season and the trends. Especially love to wear an oxblood dark colour on my lips whilst wearing something like 'Racing Green' from Barry M on my nails- a lovely dark forest green.

Last but not least who can forget about slippers, typically I get a pair with some sort on animal on them because they just look so adorable and keep your feet nice and toasty- the primark ones aren't too bad but I especially love these ones here- so cute!

So that's all, I hope this post has been rather vaguely helpful, if not than just interesting I suppose. There will be more post on other winter essentials possibly once we head in to the colder months- but that wont' be for a while hopefully.

Jess xx

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