Addict Online Shopper- aka. My Favorite Online Shops ☮

I've decided today to compile a few of my favorite online shops, and I'll update this list if I find anymore that I like, but as for now this will be quite a short post.

Sometimes I like to shop online, actually a lot of the time I do because it is just so much  more convenient as a student when you have a heavy work load(that's just a lame excuse I made up to hide my laziness-eating nutella out of the jar whilst having a 'Supernatural' marathon, which by the way is an amazing TV show so if you haven't checked it out- you must!). Anyway I thought I might as well share the online shops that I feel are reliant to shop at, although most people will probably know of these shops anyway. So without further rambling, let's just get on to the first store.

1. ASOS- otherwise known as online heaven, for shoppers that is. I am pretty sure 99% of the people that shop online for clothes will know of this store, if not then why the hell not? ASOS is an amazing online store for a variety of reasons, one being that they have such a large collection of brands and clothes ranging from preppy style to really laid back grunge. This is something I absolutely adore about their website, there is practically anything you could want on there; all their clothes are really nice and trendy- not that this always matters, but keeping updated is always good. 
Another reason why ASOS is such a popular online store among so many, including bloggers and youtubers, is because not only does it have a large variety of style and brands, but they also cater well to students with affordable price tags. Obviously this depends on the brand; the majority of the clothing stocked on ASOS are pretty well priced for the quality of them. 
ASOS also has a really amazing returns policy with their customers, which is always good. They allow you to return within 14 days as long as the clothes is in it's best condition. The shipping fee for ASOS is free for standard delivery and ships to so many countries, all of them are listed here. Overall I'd give ASOS a big thumbs up. 

2. Topshop, since I rarely leave the house because I am practically a dormant and have no reason too or maybe I'm just lazy and Topshop overwhelms me with how many people there are- especially when there is a sale going on! Therefore I like to shop online for Topshop, the website is really customer friendly and nicely laid out with a filter and categories- making the shopping experience much more nicer. Alongside just going on the Topshop website makes me quite happy, it's like window shopping but better because you can be sad like me and click the 'add to basket' to pretend that you've bought all those items. This somehow backfires on me a week later, when I genuinely think that I bought those items and in my mind I'm just like why haven't they arrived. Ok, I know, I really need to see a therapist but anyway shopping online for Topshop is overall a nice experience, the website is nicely laid out and aesthetically pleasing, the shipping fee isn't too bad (ranging from £4- to £10.50, depending on where you are) and ships to over 100 countries.  

3.Urban Outfitters, actually I rarely end up buying anything on that website that isn't in the sale section because many of their items are really overpriced. Though I still often end up going on to the website; due to the fact that they do not have an Urban Outfitters in my town so I use that as an excuse to go on their website and drool over all their clothes. This somehow does somehow leave me feeling really annoyed afterwards, since I can't afford the clothes. Enough of the rambling, Urban Outfitters online website is really nice and once again like the Topshop website it is nicely laid out. Although there is a large downside of the website, which is the price of both the clothing and the shipping fee which goes up to £39.95 enough to buy a large bag full of clothes in Primark. However the clothes in Urban Outfitters are super cute, and if I could afford it I'd be shopping there all the time. They stock some really original, quirky clothes as well as just regular laid back graphic tees. I especially love their brand 'Bitching&Junkfood', 'Cheap Monday', 'Silence and Noise' and also their Renewal Line which stocks a lot of nice vintage clothing from Levi's. 

4. American Apparel, likewise to Urban Outfitters it is slightly out of my budget but if I could I would shop there like there is no tomorrow. American Apparel has a great layout too, and for the same reason as Urban Outfitters there is no American Apparel Store located near me. In fact the nearest one from my town I think is in London, so it isn't that convenient for me. That's why I browse a lot on the American Apparel Website, and on the rare occasions when I do shop from them it is online- it's more convenient that way. American Apparel stock some really nice unique pieces, but they are also great for basics and cult pieces- Disco Pants, Crop Tops, Ridding Pants. 

5. Nasty Gal, Karmaloop, Solestruck are shops that I haven't yet shopped at, but they have given be quite a bit of eye-candy, by this I mean that all three of those online stores stock Jeffrey Campbells which if you live in England then you will know how extremely hard some of there shoes are to get hold of. I first heard of all these shops from online fashion gurus, and after visiting there sites I have noticed how many Jeffrey Campbell's they stock and the fact that they ship from the US to UK is amazing. Nasty Gal is also known for their unique clothing, some which have caught my eye. Hopefully I will be purchasing from one of those websites soon!
6. Soletrader, I recently ordered my first pair of Jeffrey Campbell's from them and they arrived just a couple of days ago. I am definitely going to post a shoe unboxing some time soon! The website were really good with their shipping, the website is really easily accessible and is one of the few UK stores that stock a variety of Jeffrey Campbell shoes. The fact that they are a UK store made the shipping so much easier and cheaper, without going through all the customer service nonsense you have to go through if you were to buy shoes online from abroad. The Jeffrey Cambell's I ordered came really quickly, within the guaranteed time- they came in 3 days and the shipping was only £3 which is so cheap for the fact that a pair of Jeffrey Cambell's are definitely not light. So all together the whole experience was really easy to go through, and inside the box it even came with a returns slip that stated that I did not have to pay for the shipping returns if I were to return them- which I am definitely not doing, because those shoes I ordered are so cute, fit me like a glove and are surprisingly super comfortable to wear!
7. Inca and Yayer are another couple of stores which I am hoping to shop at sometime soon, they are both private businesses and both sell vintage clothes as well as their own designs. They have some really adorable clothing items, and an added bonus for me is that they both are UK stores- meaning hopefully the shipping will be more affordable.
8. Love Clothing, similarly to ASOS it is a website that stocks a lot of brands and concessions. The website offers lots of nice clothing items and the policy is really great. I have yet to order from them, but the clothing items on their website truly look great, and eye catching. 
9. Fashionology is a very cool jewellery store which carries so many nice items of jewellery, in particularly their rings. They are the only online store, and store that have great quality above the knuckle rings which actually fit petite fingers, like mine. So that is a win win, although the price of those rings aren't cheap, which is a downer, but they are worth ordering from if you like unique jewellery items or if you have petite fingers and are looikng for some nice sturdy above the knuckle rings.
10. Brandy Melville is such a gorgeous website, with the cool hipster quotes to the girly flow-y dresses. They have the nicest most relatable clothing to teenagers and they stock some essential basics in my opinion. Such as their dresses, the black one especially could be the perfect LBD. Although the shipping once again is from abroad therefore is really expensive, and added on to that you have to include taxes and extra fees.
11. The Ragged Priest, these guys are a part of a concession with Topshop, although they aren't part of the Topshop website, that is why they have their individual website which also stocks much more of their items than Topshop do in store. I haven't ordered online from their website yet, but I do own few of their clothing items which are so radical- if I want to be hipster, I will be- anyway the website has been tempting me with a leather jacket. Therefore I may be making a purchase sometime soon, one last thing if you like studs then you'll like this store- a lot!
12. Bitching & Junkfood, I've mentioned them before as a line that stocks in Urban Outfitters, but I had to mention their brand name once again because their website carries so much more stock- as you would suspect. They have some really cool items on their individual website, and it's definitely worth checking them out. Once again if you love heavily studded items, and the whole grunge vibe- which I've been lately in to- then you will really like this website. I just love their stuff.
13. Fashion Eyewear, I only discovered these through hunting down a pair of Ray Bans- although I never ended buying them. Fashion Eyewear stocked Ray Bans for slightly cheaper than Ray Bans original website do them for, and they are still authentic Ray Bans. This website is great for authentic, slightly cheaper designer sunglasses.

Those are all the online shops that I wanted to share, this post has actually ended up being quite long and I've been sitting on the coach for quite a long time writing this whilst indulging in Ben& Jerry Pisch Food Ice Cream. So anyway, if you have any other online shops that are great and reliable to shop at then please to leave a comment below. I'm sure I'll add to the list once I find some extra online shops, and I will also be posting 'My Top 10 Wardrobe Essentials' as well as Shoe Unboxing. So be excited! I'm off to watch a movie with my family now, so byee!

Jess xx


  1. Brandy Melville stuff is absolutely gorgeous! Love the long trousers and the cute skirts!

    Regarding Evie

    1. thank you so much, I checked out your blog and followed back :) x