See'est le plus beau et See'est le plus triste, See'est le plus beau Paysage do monde

Couple of years have past, and boy is there a lot to update.
The elephant(s) in the room would be that I took an unexpected gap year and have now also finished first year of University at Bristol.

Instead of rambling on and on, I may do a few posts looking back at certain events of the two years that have past. I am keen to restart this site, although a revamp may be calling. 

However, here are some photos of an outfit I wore in Shanghai. 

top, Aunt's Wardrobe
hoodie, Reebok
trousers, Brandy Melville
tote, University of Glasgow Open Day ;)
trainers, Reebok

Spring Zaful Wishlist and Review

As it is nearing the spring/ summer seasons, I thought it would be fun to compile a small wishlist. So here are some of the items I have been eye-ing up on ZAFUL (when I ought to have been revising- oops!). The items on this website are super affordable and good quality here is just a small selection of the things I've been adoring for the coming-up season.

Don't stop imagining. The day that you do is the day that you die

Hey guys! Recently it was the last day of school ever for me, so I though I'd take some pictures to celebrate it and we went punting afterwards. Here are some photos I took, which I hope you guys will enjoy! See you after exams! xx

this town will never change people come and go, it's all the same

Recently I shot this outfit when Emma and I took a revision break, so I thought I'd share it on the blog. I've tagged where everything is down below and I am going to go back to revising Tudor England for my first History paper. I hope you guys enjoy this little post...